A cost effective and intuitive solution for your company

With no costly investment in expensive software licensing or monthly subscriptions to SaaS solutions, businesses have an affordable, intuitive solution for generating more revenue.

Contact Management

The most important aspect of your marketing automation effort begins with the people you’re reaching. Whether they’re unknown visitors or known contacts, each connection provides you with the intelligence you need to build deeper relationships and provide more meaningful value.
Any anonymous visitor, prospect, lead, or customer; contacts who could be in any area of the buying journey.
Create filters and lists that place contacts into different groups, allowing you to send more relevant and personalized messages.
Businesses use numerous systems and technologies to achieve their goals. Control and manage countless integrations to maximize them all.

Customer Lifecycle Management

From the moment the need is recognized, to the moment the need is met and beyond, every touchpoint is critically important. When you take the time to understand the entire customer lifecycle, and attribute your marketing activities to each segment of the buying journey, you’ll have an opportunity to create relevant, value-filled experiences.
Use the marketing calendar to schedule marketing communications and keep track of which ones have already been executed.
Engage your contacts immediately. No weeks of training to develop and launch a single campaign.
Use integrations and advanced tracking approaches to monitor activity anywhere on your website and bring that data right back.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicate with your audience by sending personalized messages that are easy to create, no matter where they are. Engaging your prospects with content, within the right channel, will assist you in gathering more intelligent data, adding greater value and building more meaningful customer relationships.
Use our intuitive editor to create professional emails in minutes then view reports in real time on key metrics
Build out data for your contacts by pulling in data from social media. Share messages your create to social channels.
Web & SMS
Send text and multimedia messages to a mobile device for known contacts. Share relevant content via your website in the browser.


The goal of any marketing initiative is results. Results for your client and results for your business. We recognize that each business, industry and campaign requires gathering unique intelligence. Attributing buyer activity is not only measured by the insight that you gather via reports, but it’s also measured in the long lasting connections that are made.
Interactive Reports
Select your datasets, add any necessary filters to create custom reports. Now your report is available for the entire team.
Track activity from each and every campaign, email, contact, landing page and more from multiple dashboards.
Custom dashboard will allow you to aggregate data and execute campaigns across various instances of our application.

Scoring, Nurturing & Conversion

Each marketing initiative is designed to move your prospects from discovery to decision to advocacy. Track each step and interaction, triggering followup communications in a purposeful way. Then, when your scoring tells you the moment is right, create the perfect call to action that will turn prospects into paying customers.
Assign points based on demographic, firmographic or activity data. Trigger additional actions when a specific number of points are reached.
Drag and drop interface helps you build time based or activity triggered campaigns to deliver messages via email, SMS, social or web.
Easy to build forms that can be hosted on your website, landing page or email to capture additional information about your contacts.

We can help you if

- You have long and/or complex sales cycles
- You struggle to prioritize leads for follow
- You are looking to automate repetitive tasks
- You want to track campaign ROI
- You want your sales and marketing team to work closer and share common goals
- You want to better segment prospects
- You want to nurture prospects that aren’t ready to buy today
-You have no marketing strategy