Education Center Management Software

By Enterprise Albania

Our web application is used by all kind of educational centers and it contains the following modules

  • Dashboard
  • Students
  • Course Management

  • Employees
  • Fees
  • Report Center

  • User Rights
  • PDF / Excel information export
  • Statistics


Login Page

This is the login page. Students, employees and administrators will login here.



State / Province


Institute Info


National Holidays

Document Categorities


Click on each one to modify settings.



On Dashboard you can manage messages (general, employees or students), notices (general, employees or students) and events.
Messages and notes can be sent to students, employees or both. They can also be exported in PDF format.
When you click on a date on calendar, you can create events. They will have a start and an end date, description, type and status.


You will manage the courses at course management tab. The format is: course – batch – section.

English –Beginner – A1

You can also view information about each course.


Students module includes adding, modifying, removal, admission category, status and login details.

Students have limited right on the system.  Rights are given from the administrator  in User Rights module.

You can create highly customizable and search driven report for a student.

Students information can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Import students in bulk from an Excel file.

Know the performance of each department anytime



Employees module includes adding employees (details and documents), management, categories, designation, departments and login details.
Employees have limited right on the system.
Rights are given from the administrator in User Rights module.
Every information can be exported in PDF and Excel format.


Fees module includes banks, fee categories and collection.
You can export information in PDF format.

Report Center

Statistics module gives you information about your institution. You can generate detailed statistics in PDF and Excel format. The generated file can include details which are very customizable.

This module includes login history and status. This is very important if you want to control your employee login time and audit problems.

Check the demo for more information.

Assign different responsibilities to different employee staff

Reduce wasting time, speed up the administrative functions and have an easy way to audit problems

User Rights

This module includes role editing and permission management for users. For example you can have only one employee to manage students or another one to collest fees.

Permissions and roles are added to users.

You have many options and everything is customizable.

Our application is responsive

This means you can use it on a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

What makes us different


  • Responsive
  • Beautiful colors
  • Practical


  • Full modules
  • Modules can be deactivated
  • Every employee has an account
  • Analytics
  • Permissions and roles
  • Mobile applications (planned)
  • We will host, manage and take care of the application.
  • Information export and import in PDF and Excel.


  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Encrypted OS
  • Roles and permissions integrated
  • Database backup everyday
  • Powerful server can handle millions of requests


  • Virtual support (phone calls and email)
  • Physical support (if possible)
  • Documentation
  • Price will be set with agreement
How much does it cost?

Our priority is creating positive relationships with our clients. This is the reason the prices of our product’s price will be set with agreement.

What are the requirements?

All our applications will be hosted and maintained by us. You will only need a simple device which has a browser installed (google chrome, mozilla firefox etc..).

Are contracts required?

No, we don’t want to pressure anyone with contracts. You can stop using our applications whenever you want.

Where are your servers hosted?

Our servers are hosted in UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Do you take suggestions for your products?

Yes, we do. But if you need a module fast, you must pay the development team to add it. Custom programming is not free.

What payment options do you support?

We support Paypal, credit cards and bitcoins.